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About Us

Here at HSVE we offer support and video tutorials with lots of different things. Hackintosh has become a big part of Harvey’s Virtual Environment with it being our most viewed category on YouTube just in it’s self. You can find out more about our team below!

Our Team

Our team is relatively small with just two members. But we are looking to grow in the future when needed. Take a look at our team below:


I'm A Hackintosh and Apple Enthusiast Based In Manchester, United Kingdom.
My long term goal is to help people with their hackintosh the easiest way possible. For that. I've created 'The New Way'. The New Way involves using a Type 1 Hypervisor Called Proxmox. This allows you to use all the enterprise features at your own home such as : Backups, Templates and Snapshots. All whilst remaining free. I do not charge for this work I post it all on my YouTube Channel. Harvey's Virtual Environment. Where i have helped over 477,000 people this year alone. Thanks for reading and enjoy your ventures with Hackintosh!


Hey there!
I'm a tech enthusiast who's been building and fixing computers for two decades. Lately, I've been exploring networking and server management, and I'm having a blast using Proxmox as my host. If you're embarking on a Hackintosh adventure, I'm here to lend a hand along with my buddy Harvey. Let's tackle this together and try out the New-Way!


HSVE One is an upcoming Cloud VPS Hosting service that is provided by Harvey’s Virtual Environment. It is going to be one of the cheapest VPS Hosting platforms out there which is exciting! Stay updated by filling out the form: 

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Get Help

There was 2 options to get help. We wanted to centralise everything so we decided to stick to the discord route for help. It allows not just the HSVE Team but other members of the community to get involved in helping you with permission from you and ourselves. Use the link below to join our discord server and start requesting and recieving help or if you are feeling optimistic you can give help to help the team! Enjoy your time at HSVE!