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Short Story

We are a passionate team in the Hackintosh community who are committed to revolutionizing the way Hackintosh is done. Our project involves using a cutting-edge Type-1 Hypervisor called Proxmox, which provides a virtualization platform with all the advanced features found in enterprise environments, such as backups, templates, and snapshots. The best part is, you can enjoy all these benefits for free in the comfort of your own home, while still achieving the same level of performance as a traditional bare metal Hackintosh installation.

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Our Team

Our team is relatively small with just three members, but we are looking to grow in the future when needed!



Owner/Web Developer

Hi, I'm the owner of Harvey's Virtual Environment. Myself and my team have invented an entire different way to get macOS running on PC Hardware. Called 'The New Way' This journey all started in August 2022 where I made my first Hackintosh using the Proxmox Hypervisor. If your planning on spending some time getting your Hackintosh set up and need some help be sure to reach out to my team and we can learn and explore this together!



Co-owner/UX Design Lead

Hello there! I'm a passionate technology enthusiast, having spent almost two decades building and repairing computers. Recently, I've been delving into networking and server management, and I'm thoroughly enjoying using Proxmox as my host. If you're planning on venturing into the Hackintosh World. Joining the HSVE Team in March 2023. Me and the HSVE Team are able to assist you. Let's collaborate and explore this new generation of Hackintosh together!



Service Desk Analyst

Hi I'm Mattias, I'm in charge of the Service Desk Here at Harvey's Virtual Environment. Along with the Team I ensure you get the best help experience as possible. I specialize in the Homelab sector. If you have any questions or would like some help please don't hesitate to contact us!

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