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Should You Upgrade To Windows 11?

Microsoft\’s Latest Release Windows 11 is looking really different from windows 10. But also is extremely heavy too comparing to Windows 10. The new start UI looks a lot different to Windows 10 and looks more like ChromeOS. There are both advantages of the new UI update and also there are lots of downsides.

5 Advantages Of Windows 11 Comparing To Windows 10

  1. The new simple Start UI makes it easier for computer aliterate people to use there computer.
  2. You can now run Android apps natively on Windows 11 Similarly to ChromeOS.
  3. There are now lots more ways to multitask such as new ways to show windows side by side.
  4. The new beautiful new themes make your windows experience feel home like.
  5. Windows 11 is a free upgrade from Windows 10

5 Disadvantages of Windows 11 Comparing To Windows 10

  1. The new UI is too simple for advanced users.
  2. The New UI does not have the capability of the taskbar being moved to the sides or top of the screen without a registry tweak.
  3. Windows 11 uses an average of 8% more CPU utilization than Windows 10.
  4. Windows 11 will not run on hardware that hasn\’t been bought in the last 2 years.
  5. Windows 11 requires a TPM 2.0 Chip which isn\’t present on older devices.

So what is the overall thoughts of windows 11?

I think personally that Windows 10 is better and easy to use especially for advanced users like me that don\’t use it for just web browsing. Plus Windows is already a heavier OS and Microsoft are somehow making it even heavier than it already is. This means that then people need to go out and purchase a new computer to run the software. It also doesn\’t run on low power cheap devices like Chromebook which is a waste of time.