Harvey's Virtual Environment

Proxmox Backup and Restore with External Storage to New Node


In this video Harvey shows you how to create a backup on external storage and restore it on another proxmox node. Thanks to Tor for making the screen recording to this video!

Commands / Links

When adding the External Storage back to proxmox run the following command to create a mount point for the External Disk

					mkdir -p /mnt/pve/Disk2

Replace ‘Disk2’ with any name that you want to call your mount point (Useful if adding multiple disks).

Next we are going to make sure that the mount point that we created has the correct permissions that we need for it. To do that run the following command below

					chmod 777 /mnt/pve/Disk2

To make the disk automatically mount at the start up of the PVE Host we need to edit the ‘fstab’ file. Using the commands below

First we need to use the text editor nano to edit the fstab config file. Which we can do with the following command

					nano /etc/fstab

The once the file is open at the bottom paste in the following command. (make sure to change the drive identifier according to your system e.g. /dev/sda or /dev/sdb)

					/dev/sda1 /mnt/pve/Disk2 ext4 defaults 0 2

Finally mount the partition using the following command.

					mount -a