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The Best Hackintosh Version?

Thank you for visiting this page. By visiting this page I’m sure you are curious about what the best OS is to use for your New Way Hackintosh. Not to worry on this page I will explain in our opinion the best supported macOS Version you can use in your Hackintosh. Lets go into more detail below:

macOS Monterey

Is currently the best supported Operating system you can use with your New Way Hackintosh. You may ask why? 

As of November 2023 macOS Monterey is still in support from Apple with most apps working still! All Fenvi WiFi and Bluetooth cards are supported out of the box too without any additional patches. Regarding GPU Support all the GPUs in This List are supported and any unreferenced GPUs are not supported. 

Regarding stability macOS Monterey is also very stable with Hackintosh being the most stable and the smoothest at running any kinds of applications.